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"A friend of mine referred me to the C.R.A.F.T program led by Trina Faatz and Laura Bressler when I was having a tough time with my son.  Thank God for these two ladies and their amazing work.  I had worked with so many therapists over the years and never really felt like I was being listened to.  Trina and Laura truly care about what you are going through and how difficult it is to live day in and day out with a child with behavioral, mental or substance abuse issues.  They are with you every step of the way providing you with guidance and the tools you need to deal with your loved one.  Without a doubt, I would highly recommend them and the C.R.A.F.T program.   - Marie, Boulder


"The CRAFT program is an empowering experience of change and hope. It has been life-changing for me and my extended family. I would highly recommend it to anyone if they have substance abuse in their lives. It is a “must do” communication class."  - Carol, Boulder

I was struggling to connect with my child and wanted to educate myself on how to provide healthy and effective guidance around substance use and abuse. Trina and Laura were supportive, active listeners, well-versed on the topics and showed empathy, care and respect for the group. I was initially hesitant to join a group and share personal, family issues and struggles, and very grateful I did so. They taught us how to use positive communication and compassion with our children instead of reacting out of fear or avoidance. The group learned from each other and how to use these methods in our daily lives. I would not hesitate to continue recommending this program to others.  - Allison, Boulder


"The CRAFT program is compassionate & practical. It helped me with my 17-year-old son. Thank you, Trina & Laura." - Ann, Boulder


"This class was a lifeline at a time when I didn't know where to turn for help. CRAFT helped me realize how important communication is in family relationships. I now have the resources, guidance & support to build a better relationship with my child based on love, understanding, and healthy boundaries. I've stopped feeling guilty, tired, and alone; and I have much more hope that tomorrow things will be better. Thank you, thank you Laura & Trina!” – Jennifer, Boulder


"CRAFT helped empower me to set limits with my son that were critical to address his substance use & behavior problems." - Sarah, Boulder


"I learned so much about myself and my family. We were in a power struggle with a lot  of fighting in the family. This class taught me tools to keep positive interactions in the appropriate times to build a foundation for our relationship." – class participant, Boulder


"CRAFT was instrumental in reminding me that being connected to my child is the essential container on the healing path. Being in community with other parents who are similarly struggling was as equally valuable as the stills I learned in CRAFT. I feel less isolated and more empowered." - Nancy, Boulder


"The information & support I needed from my participation in CRAFT helped me to understand substance use disorder differently. It helped me understand how substance use physically & chemically affects the brain. The group provided behavioral intervention & strategies to support the environment & relationship with my daughter and my interactions with her.” – Gwen, Boulder


"The CRAFT class made me aware that I am not alone in this & there are tons of resources & people out there to help. Listening to other people's experiences have helped me understand my son & what he's going through. The class has also helped me deal with my son in ways I wouldn't have thought up on my own." - Sara, Boulder 

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