Maybe you've just caught them a few times.
Maybe their use is beginning to concern you. 
Or maybe the use seems out of control, nothing seems to be working, and you feel helpless and scared.

What if there was an empowering intervention model that worked for any stage of use?


CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) is an Evidence-Based Program with a 70% success rate in getting your loved one to reduce use or accept help. 


The skills you'll learn will help you build confidence and power to actively influence your child, rebuild relationships and communication, and regain your own equilibrium.



Offered via Zoom

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11-week sessions 


January, 2022

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12-1:30 pm or 6:30-8 pm class

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Cost: FREE

(Funded by a grant from the

Colorado Office of Behavioral Health)

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Would you prefer to work one-on-one to focus on your specific needs?

Laura offers private counseling/coaching, personalized CRAFT work,

Brainspotting Trauma Therapy,

& Acudetox. 
(currently offering teletherapy)

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* Skills to confidently influence your child to reduce substance use

* Skills to improve communication & relationships

* Skills to improve coping

* Understanding of substances and effects on the developing brain

* Non-confrontational intervention methods

* Empowerment skills

* Peer support


Trina Faatz & Laura Bressler
We've been there...we can help.

                                Trina is an advocate for child welfare and family wholeness. Having been a volunteer school                                  representative for the Parent Engagement Network (PEN) for 9 years, and on the Board of                                      Directors for Voices for Children/CASA for 13 years, she now serves on the Board of                                                Directors for Natural Highs, and is well versed in struggles and challenges facing youth and                                  parents today. Three years ago, two of her close friends lost a child to an overdose, and                                        Trina learned that her daughter also struggled with Substance and Opioid Use Disorder. Having navigated the system, treatment options, and intervention services, she and her daughter slowly created their own treatment module and rebuilt their family's relationships and trust. Trina went on to get certified as a Peer Recovery Coach to work with parents and teens struggling with the challenges of substance use.  Now, as the facilitator of the Boulder County Substance Use Advisory Group for Boulder County Community Services, she also leads and program directs Youth in Recovery, a group of young adult panelists in recovery who present in high school classrooms. Both of these community based advocacy and educational programs bring a personal and humane approach to intervention and hope.                                     . 

                           Laura is also a mom of a young adult in recovery. After struggling for many years, with                                            numerous treatment approaches, her son found recovery, is now on a healthy path, running                                   a sober adventure travel business. Throughout their harrowing family ordeal, Laura and                                         her husband learned what they could do as parents to positively impact their son's                                                 recovery. Becoming passionate about helping other families, Laura became a Registered                                       Psychotherapist, a Certified Coach specializing in working with families struggling with substance abuse, and is completing her Master's in Addiction Studies to become a Licensed Addiction Counselor. She is a Certified Brainspotting Therapist and Acudetox Specialist. She serves as a member of the Natural Highs team in Boulder, creating parent advocacy and facilitating substance use education groups. Laura is passionate to share C.R.A.F.T. with families seeking skills that work to impact their child's substance use and to repair family connections.

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Call today for support: 781-908-4488
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“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking that they don’t have any.”

- Alice Walker, American novelist, poet, activist

Become empowered to have an impact on your child's substance use.

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11-week session starting:

January, 2022

(please indicate preference of

12-1:30 pm or 6:30-8 pm class

on registration)


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